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COsì Fan Tutte: Skylark Opera 2019

“The highlight of the production was Siena Forest who played the housekeeper Despina. Her voice had a shimmering bite to it that perfect for the role. She and Don Alfonso had a sexual “friends with benefits” relationship, which is not unheard of in Così productions.” - Callie Cooper (Schmopera)

“Siena Forest's portrait of the housekeeper Despina was wonderfully sassy and mischievous.” - Terry Blain (StarTribune)

“Luke Williams is a hoot as the dastardly Don Alfonso, and Siena Forest steals scenes as the women's housekeeper and Alfonso's fellow schemer.” (Cherry and Spoon)

“The cast is simply outstanding. For the opera lover, there is nothing like hearing beautiful arias sung by amazing artists in an intimate space. The six-person cast of Tess Altiveros, KrisAnne Weiss, Laurent Kuehnl, Justin Spenner, Siena Forest, and Luke Williams is outstanding. Not only do they sing in English (with excellent diction), but they add humor and emotion without shortcutting the music. Also, there's no planting and ranting here. This cast moves about the stage and theater with ease and aplomb.” - Carly (Minnesota Theater Lover)

Photo by Matt Bellin

Photo by Matt Bellin



Carmen: Lakes Area Music Festival 2017


"The Pastia scene featured one of the evening's vocal highlights, a quintet involving Carmen sidekicks Mercédès and Frasquita, sung by sopranos Bergen Baker and Siena Forest respectively. The quintet went off like a firecracker. And the Baker-Forest team made sparks again in Act 3's fateful card scene, their spunkiness and feisty vocalism igniting the verve and joie de vivre in Bizet's music."  - Terry Blain (The Star Tribune)


Photo by Cory Weaver

Photo by Cory Weaver

Photo by Cory Weaver

Photo by Cory Weaver




"Each of the principal characters is either oblivious to the realities of the depression or trying to ignore them, with just enough money or social capital to avoid the realities, at least for now... The Jordans' headstrong 19-year-old daughter Paula is in love with forty-something Larry Renault, a played-out silent screen heartthrob striving to revive his career. His love is divided between Paula and the bottle... Put this collection of misguided or misled folks together, throw in a few servants, stir, bake, and you have a sumptuous main course." - Arthur Dorman (Talkin' Broadway)


“Each of the main characters delivers a strong, self-defining aria or duet. The Jordan’s daughter, Paula, who is having an affair with a washed up silent-screen actor, sings a gorgeous ballad in the first act, a lament concerning her rocky romance, the kind of number that used to be called a torch song (“He needs me/Needs me badly”), fervently sung here by Siena Forest... Zvulun’s cast couldn’t be faulted. Singer-actors of high accomplishment, they are outstanding” - Michael Anthony (The Star Tribune)


"Another couple on the rocks, Larry Renault (Richard Troxell) and Paula Jordan (Siena Forest), plays out a darker mirror of this situation, with Forest’s rendition of “One moment he’s devoted…” one of the performance’s vocal highlights." - Basil Considine (Twin Cities Arts Reader)


Rusalka: Minnesota Opera 2016


"The exquisitely sung Dryads were Siena Forest, Bergen Baker and Jennifer Panara." - Michael Anthony (The Star Tribune) 


"Speaking of female vocal power, the mesmerizing sound of the trio of Dryads.. would have rivaled Homer's sirens." - Floyds Emporium

From left to right: Siena Forest, Bergen Baker, Shannon Prickett, Jennifer Panara. Photo by @shannonalyss

From left to right: Siena Forest, Bergen Baker, Shannon Prickett, Jennifer Panara. Photo by @shannonalyss

Benjamin Sieverding (Sarastro)

Benjamin Sieverding (Sarastro)



DIe zauberflöte: MInnesota Opera 2015


“While she suffered the perils of Pamina, soprano Siena Forest soared through her arias, especially Act 2's "Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden," until she was finally united with Tamino. She also got to wear a killer black gown courtesy of costume (and set) designer Esther Bialas.” - Lawrance Bernabo (Duluth News Tribune)



Ariadne Auf Naxos: Minnesota Opera 2015


The second part, the opera, is dominated by sopranos: "The Prima Donna" (Amber Wagner), Zerbinetta (Erin Morley) and the addition of Naiad (Jeni Houser), Dryad (Helena Brown), and Echo (Siena Forest). The mix, talent and number of sopranos delivers on the consummately beautiful music of Strauss' score." - Michael J. Opperman (Aisle Say Twin Cities)



Carmen: minnesota opera 2015


“Siena Forest and Bergen Baker create memorable characterizations as Carmen's rowdy retinue, Forest's pure soprano soaring above the patter of a lively smugglers' quintet, Andrew Lovato and Brad Benoit holding up the low end admirably.” Rob Hubbard (The Twin Cities Arts Reader)


“The smaller parts were engagingly performed as well: Frasquita (Siena Forest), Mercedes (Bergen Baker) and Morales (Gerard Michael D’Emilio).” Michael Anthony (The Star Tribune) 


"Sourouzian’s most affecting singing came in the card scene (in the company of Bergen Baker’s nimble Mercèdés and Siena Forest’s frisky Frasquita)" Larry Fuchsberg (Opera News)

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