Morozov and "the Internet"

“In his 2013 book, To Save Everything, Click Here, Morozov attempts to pull back the curtains on our technophobic obsession with “the Internet” (a term he purposefully places in scare quotes to emphasize the role as an ideology), saying: “It’s this propensity to view ‘the Internet’ as a source of wisdom and police advice that transforms it from a fairly uninteresting set of cables and network routers into a seductive and exciting ideology-perhaps today’s uber-ideology.”
In Morozov’s critique, we’ve made “the Internet” synonymous with the revolutionary future of business and government. To make your company more like “the Internet” is to be with the times, and to ignore these trends is to be the proverbial buggy-whip maker in an automotive age. We no longer see Internet tools as products released by for-profit companies, founded by investors hoping to make a return, and run by twenty somethings who are often making things up as they go along. We’re instead quick to idolize these digital doodads as a signifier of progress and a harbinger of a (dare I say, brave) new world.” (LOC 743-751)

Source: Newport, Cal. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. [Kindle DX Version]. Retrieved from